wAt pEr kAt siNiEwz?


recommend here y'all
this is a tumblelog where i post regurgitated bullshit for anyone who is bored.

so how was your SPM results?

tell tell

theabelbel asked: did i said either? i mean other,fuck autocorrect! hmm.. curiosity is killing me,can we get to know each other very well lol

my name laily, I’m 85. I’m from Seremban. now you know me whaddup hahaha :p

whiteeyedepiphany asked: I love you :3

I love you too



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here is my face

I look like turtles

do you want to know how I look like?

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melovesyu asked: lol. even tho you never notice on twittahhh, but I still love you.


aamiryusuf asked: Hi s___a :P


mfpetra asked: Salam Maal Hijrah kamu! btw thanks for following, I'm suprised that a tumblr-famous person would follow my humble tumblog

I follow everyone :)

thebruv asked: YOU ARE A CUTIE. I THINK I'M IN LOVE :p

no I’m not! pshhhh!

omg is this actually real as in are they actually coming to Msia?!?!

yes they are, click the picture, it’ll forward you to the organizer’s facebook. I work for them :)

predictable-much asked: I miss your posts. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? D:

busy with stuff, I’m a ‘working’ woman now! hahahahaha *kecoh lebih* :p

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